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The Curta com Teatro at Fort de Copacabana is the continuation of the work started in Paris, where I often played Victor Hugo’s gypsy Esmeralda and was mentioned in the book about the inhabitants of the Saint-Louis Island.

On this island in the center of Paris, where we created a contemporary version of the Parisian salons of the nineteenth century, which includes the seventh art: cinema. For two years, every Sunday, we have developed a varied program in French and English,  with films, plays and improvisation.>see here

In its Brazilian version of Rio, we propose a different program every first Saturday of the month from April to December, at 6 pm as part of the cultural program of the Army History Museum and Fort of Copacabana.

The program is varied, it includes a short film, a short play and improvisation. Its total duration is one hour. In the end we have a chat with the artists and guests.

Admission is free, you can get your free ticket from 5 pm on

The theme of the 2018 Season is “Matches and Mismatches of Love”

The short films shown belong to the collection of the CTAV – Centre for Audio Visual, from the Audio Visual Secretariat of the Culture Ministry, Centre for Audio Visual of the French Embassy and the Institut Français . Thanks to the partnership with the Army History Museum and Fort of Copacabana, the public has access to pearls of Brazilian and French cinematography, films from Humberto Mauro, Jacques Tati, Jurandyr Noronha, Michel Ocelot, Walter Lima Jr., among others.

The short plays, light comedies were written by Brazilian and French acclaimed authors such as Arthur Azevedo, Molière, Machado de Assis, Georges Feydeau, Martins Pena, Courteline, … They portrayed the life of society of their centuries.

A video presentation with English subtitles, with an average duration of five minutes, presents a synopsis of  the short film, the author of the play and the short play, facilitating communication with foreign audiences that visit the Fort of Copacabana.

The improvisations at the end, in which the audience take part suggesting single words, that together build the theme of the improvisations.

Our Social Work is happens in a Improvisation Workshop held at “Solar Meninos de Luz”, a filantropic Society, that ensures school education to 400 children from the communities of Cantagalo and Pavão – Pavãozinho. Classes are held weekly by the teachers Hissa Urkiola and Robert Rodrigues.

After the presentations the audience is invited for a chat with the artists and the guests, where coffee is served, by  the Copacabana’s Fort. At the same time the balcony doors of the theater, are opened, allowing the people to enjoy the night view of Copacabana beach and Sugar Loaf.